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Here is a picture of the Living room/Dining room when I first started working on it. The wallpaper was so hideous it gave me a headache. At first, I thought I would just take the wall paper off and paint it.

I found out that next time, I'll tear the drywall all the way off or put new drywall up over the old. It's easier and faster.

I thought this wall was load bearing because it ran across all the rafters. I had planned to cut it in half and build a header over a breakfast counter.

As soon as I started to pull down the ugly ceiling tiles, though, I discovered there was a gap between the wall and ceiling. The entire ceiling above the older part of my house is completely self supporting.

So, I took the wall right out. I changed my plans to make the kitchen/living area one large room with a breakfast island inthe middle.

So, I also decided to change the layout of the large room to break up the straight lines a little. I decided to open the entry way from door sized to wide and build a new closet for the foyer.

I am often amazed at how theraputic using a SawzAll can be....

The original closet was to the left of this picture. I wanted to move it to the right and make a sitdown alcove at the left.

Framing is the quickest part of building, but I really need to get a book and use a level. THe closet ended up an inch wider at the top.

The closet intrudes into the living space slightly, but that works in with my Fung Shuei.

Drywall is fun, up until the sanding. Then it sucks. There is a little corner space I couldn't decide about on the right. Everyone was all like -make a closet- or -make it open-, but I like the little hidey hole. I am gonna leave it.

More drywall. In the back ground right, you can sort of see that I added drywall to the ceiling instead of that tacky tile. I feel better, too. You should have seen how well those tiles burned.

One Large room, all drywalled.

The entry way with the floor.

Temporary Kitchen.