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Here is the window I replaced with the French Door.

Tearing down walls is fun.

Notice the headers above and below the window? Pains in the ass.

After stripping away the wall framing, all that is left is the exterior.

I framed out the door. I learned later, I should have put a header above the door. I asked my neighbor about it and he said he thought it would be alright. However, I may go back and fix this later.

I cut off the aluminum siding with a Skil saw and a special blade.

My neighbor, Bob the Builder, got impatient with my total lack of technique with the Sawzall.


Tilting the door in.

With the door nailed in, I stuff insulation into the cracks.

A view from the outside.

Break time and dinner.

After the French door was in, I needed to close up the old doorway.

Add some drywall....

Pretty much done.